PSAS for Individuals

About the Scale

The Pyramid of Self-Awareness Scale (PSAS) 2.0 for individuals is 152 item test designed to measure four key dimensions of who you “are”: Personal Values, Thinking (Content and Style), Connection Style and Leadership Character.

Personal values are measured and reported in eight key dimensions: moral, humanistic, social, mastery-seeking, ideological, materialistic, judgment-sensitive and self-efficacy-oriented.

TakePSASRightNowThinking Content is assessed in three axes: object of thinking (how much one thinks about self, someone else or general matters), Temporal focus of thinking (past, present, future), and polarity of thinking (positive vs. negative thoughts).

Thinking Style is evaluated in two axes: topography of thinking (i.e. what parts of our brain is mostly activated when we are thinking) and granularity of thinking (i.e. simple or big picture vs. complex or detail-oriented).

Character, which is basically the behavioral manifestation of who we are and how we lead, is sub-categorized into 4×2 dimensions: positive and negative intellectual traits, positive and negative social traits, positive and negative operational traits, finally positive and negative moral traits.

The last sub-scale is Connection Style, which in itself is divided into four channels that we utilize to connect with people that we meet or interact with: visual, audio-lexical, sensory-motor and emotional-visceral.

Who is it for?

The following categories represent the majority of individuals who can use this tool:

  1. Individuals with an interest in self-improvement activities informed by gaining more self-awareness. If you belong to this category, please take the test on your own and contact us to schedule a session to discuss your profiles and their implications.
  2. Individuals who work with a coach, counselor, therapist or consultant and were referred by that person to take the test. If you belong to this category, please make sure to indicate the name and e-mail address of your source of referral so that we could send him/her a copy of your report.
  3. Individuals who are taking this as part of an organization-sponsored workshop or event (such as HLD, MCS or TTF offered by Thinkocrats). In that case, please indicate the name and date of this program at the end of your test so that we could track and send the results to our point of contact at your organization.


TakePSASRightNowYou may access and complete PSAS 2.0 for free. However, you have the option of purchasing a personalized report that will be processed and sent to you after taking the test. The report consists of 5 profiles that shows where you are in each dimension in absolute terms and in comparison to a reference US population. Each profile is preceded by a description of the sub-scale and its dimensions or axes. Please contact us using the contact page if you would like to purchase your report.

Simple Terms and Conditions

  1. PSAS is designed and owned by Thinkocrats.
  2. PSAS is protected by U.S. and foreign copyright and other intellectual property laws.  Thinkocrats reserves all rights arising from or related to this scale.
  3. You may download, view, use, copy, or print any PSAS-related content for personal, non-commercial use only, and only to the extent that such usage does not infringe Thinkocrats’ intellectual property rights. 
  4. You may not use, copy, modify, print, present, reproduce, republish, license, rent, sell, assign, post, transmit, distribute, reverse engineer, create derivative works, or commercially-exploit PSAS and its related contents.
  5. Fair use of PSAS for academic purposes is permitted.
  6. Your identifiable data will not be shared in public or with our business partners.
  7. Your report is for your personal use only.
  8. If you take the test, your data may be de-identified and used for promotional, educational and research purposes.