Core Principles

Freedom of Thought

Freedom of thought is a universal human right

Thinking Matters

Our presence and future depends on our personal and collective thinking

Equality of Thoughts

Every individual has a unique way of thinking; this is something that we should learn to respect and value

Value of Diversity

We welcome new members (regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, language and sexual orientation) to join our community with an open frame of mind

Big Picture

Systems thinking is the core of our innovations, decision makings and problem solvings

Partnership in Thinking

Thinking partnership is a possibility that we value and seize every day of our lives

Open Feedback

In relation with others, we are generous with our comments, feedback, ideas and approaches

Personal Accountability

We are accountable for our own happiness, peace, well being and prosperity through good decisions and holistic plans compatible with our core principles

Peer Support and Fellowship

We are accountable for developing other Thinkocrats in their journeys to become better thinkers and leaders

Social Responsibility

Our decisions, innovations and solutions are logical, fair, rigorous, sustainable, considerate to the environment, non-discriminatory and philanthropic.

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