PSAS for Couples

About the Scale

Opposites may attract, but they don’t last very long with each other. It’s the similarities and compatibilities that may ensure a longer lasting relationship. The purpose of the Pyramid of Self-Awareness Scale (PSAS) 2.0 for couples is to assess and overlap the profiles of two individuals in a couple relationship and highlight the similarities and dissimilarities that exist in their personal values, what they think about, how they think, behaviors and connections.

TakePSASRightNowMore information about the scale is available on the PSAS for individuals page.

Who is it for?

The following categories represent the majority of PSAS for couples users:

  1. Pre-decision assessments: Prior to any decisions that would take the relationship to the next level, couples may choose to assess where they stand in relation to one another. In that sense, it can be a self-administered tool that gives two individuals in a relationship some food for thought in order to see how compatible they are and whether there are potential risks that they should address. Pre-decision can mean before moving in together, before getting married, before having children and even before making a decision to separate.
  2. Couples referred by a relationship coach, couple counselor, sex therapist and marriage and family therapist to take the test. If you belong to this category, please make sure to indicate the name and e-mail address of your source of referral so that we could send him/her a copy of your report.
  3. Colleagues, peers, business partners and manager: employees can also take this test to improve the dynamics of their working relationship and identify areas for improvement. As this is a special category, please contact us through our contact form to discuss your specific needs and how to set up that test for you.


TakePSASRightNowBoth individuals need to be present at the same room and take turns in completing their portion of the scale. Prior to taking the test, you have the option of purchasing a personalized report that will be processed and sent to you after taking the test. The couples report consists of 5 profiles that shows where you are in each dimension in absolute terms and in comparison to your partner. Each profile is preceded by a description of the sub-scale and its dimensions or axes. Please contact us using the contacts page if you would like to purchase the reports.