PSAS BasisSelf-Awareness is the foundation for incorporating consciousness to everyday life. It’s the deep and unbiased insight that we can develop by reflecting on different dimensions of our existence.

Inspired by the doctrine of good thoughts, good deeds and good words attributed to Zoroaster’s teachings, a scale was designed and validated to measure one’s thoughts (content as well as style), deeds (referred to as character) and connection style (one of which could be verbal). These four dimensions are built upon each individual’s personal values.

To combine these 4+1 dimensions of self-awareness, the metaphor of pyramids (as one of the most stable architectural structures) was used to demonstrate the stability of our construct over time. The Pyramid of Self-Awareness Scale was born.

PSASThis tool is for self-administration only and although the summary report comes with some definitions of the dimensions and sub-scales, it’s highly recommended to discuss your results with someone who knows the tool very well, can address your questions and more importantly can help you utilize this new insight into some actions, whether it is in the form of a personal development plan or the substrate for a leadership development program that you have signed up for (see here for an example).

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