Holistic Leadership Development (HLD)

HLDThis is a program suitable mostly for corporations or institutions with hundreds of leaders, from which a smaller cohort (20-30 leaders at a time) are selected for a transformational developmental opportunity like this. The program consists of 5 modules and can be offered over a week or spread throughout the year.


Holistic Headership DevelopmentAll participants will complete the PSAS for Individuals and receive a personalized report prior to the session. At this session, leaders will learn about the importance of self-awareness in the leadership process and gain further insight on how to develop and maintain self-awareness through their professional and personal journeys.

Intellectual Character

This session will focus on intellectual aspects of leadership, which includes critical thinking, strategic thinking, systems thinking, problem solving, agile decision making, game theory and innovation. The session is highly interactive with group exercises, individual tasks and a leadership challenge.

Moral Character

Sometimes an overlooked aspect of leadership, the participants will go through a series of case studies to test their moral fabric and further enhance their ability to act with integrity, fairness and decency while keeping their focus on meeting the objectives.

Operational Character

Although most senior leaders already have strong operational skills, the session will identify areas for improvement and addresses certain habits that hinder this dimension of leadership. Positive traits that will be reinforced include agility, effectiveness, efficiency, delegation, initiation, thoroughness, perseverance and solution-orientation. Negative traits in this dimension could be hesitation, procrastination, lack of discipline, indecisiveness and absentmindedness.

Social Character

This session will focus on interpersonal aspects of leadership and how a strong leader should and should not act in relation to team members, subordinates, and peers. Examples of positive traits in this category that will be reinforced consist of being supportive, engaging, empathetic, inspiring, motivating, inclusive and influential. Another key attribute of a socially competent leader is to look for and create win-win situations. On the other hand, during this session, the participants will go through several exercises and case studies to learn how to avoid negative traits such as competitiveness, win-lose attitude, social avoidance, and inappropriate language.

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