Thinkocrats ConsultingWe works with corporations, small businesses and NGOs across the globe in the following five areas that we have experience and expertise in:

1. Leadership evaluation and development: All or a number of your senior leaders will go through a series of assessments to evaluate their leadership character, ability to engage and organizational impact. Based on those assessments, a customized program will be offered to those who will benefit from coaching, training, retreats, mentorship and exposure to experience-based learning opportunities.

2. Organizational assessment and (re)-design: Organizational structure, processes and functions will be assessed using the Systems Thinking model and a new design will be proposed to fundamentally address inefficiencies and waste and to improve quality, prosperity and sustainability.

3. Evaluation and modification of strategic initiatives: Every large organization pursuits a few strategic initiatives that need to be re-evaluated from time to time to ensure organizational relevance and alignment. We will conduct a full assessment of these initiatives and makes recommendation to stop, modify or start new ones that are better aligned with the strategic mission of your organization.

4. Culture, values and engagement: No matter how much investment is made into developing new products and services, if employees are not happy and engaged, the bottom line would suffer or the mission of the organization will not be fully actualized. We evaluate employee engagement using a battery of quantitative and qualitative measures and will offer holistic solutions to enhance engagement, sense of ownership and alignment to company’s mission, vision and values.

5. Customer Insights: It’s all about knowing not only the “what” of your customers’ needs, but more importantly the “why” of that need or way of behavior. Using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we will work with you to identify those insights and patterns so that you could improve your services and develop your products to better address the needs of your customers.

We will come to your organization, whenever you are in the US or across the world. To start the dialogue, please contact us with a brief statement of your organization’s needs and the challenges that affect your leadership, mission or results.