“The value of an education … is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think…​” Albert Einstein

Thinkocrats are leaders in science, technology, academia, arts, business and politics who firmly believe in a set of core principle inspired by Plato’s leading-philosopher concept, the Renaissance’s holistic intellectual transformations and a sense of urgency to “rethink leadership” to address the challenges of our time.

We have developed and validated tools that can assist us in critical reflection, problem-solving and purposeful ideation activities. All in favor of giving us a leverage point to lead ourselves, our relationships, our work and subsequently the world to a better state.

In addition, we aspire to build and support communities aligned with our mission and goals. For example, Thinkocrats Forums are open communities for individuals who are committed to participate in peer support activities and thinking projects for self-improvement reasons.

Your thinkocratic journey starts from here. We invite you to re-think the way you think normally about what matters to you most and will support you in this exciting journey by providing tools, insights and best practices from the leaders in your industry or field of work.