Thinking Partnership

Thinking PartnershipMost of our clients fall into the following five categories: fail-proof entrepreneurs, indefatigable executives, degree-loaded professionals, hyper-creative artists and unhappy high-achievers. The process is very simple: we provide our clients with a metaphorical mirror to gain a deeper insight about their strengths and blind spots. Then, we create a special alignment called “thinking partnership”, in which the client and coach synergistically and critically think through issues and problems and co-create strategies and solutions. The process is inherently empowering so that the clients don’t develop dependency on their coaches and could leave the relationship once certain goals and milestones are achieved.

Now let’s briefly have a look at our 5 target groups:

1. Fail-Proof Entrepreneurs: We select our visionary clients based on their significant potential to start-up paradigm-changing businesses and organizations. These individuals already have a clear and engaging vision. What they need is a timely and impartial support to take it from concept to full execution. Most clients in this category may need coaching on the following areas: self-awareness, leadership skills, strategic planning, decision sanity check and start-up planning and execution.

2. Indefatigable Executives: These clients typically have job titles ranging from director and VP to president and chief officers of multinational corporations, governmental bodies, non-profits, NGOs and UN-affiliated agencies. They have a broad responsibility at work and are required to develop strategies, execute seamlessly and manage complex organizations or projects. Two key areas that these individuals typically seek assistance are as follows:

  • Work-Life Integration: in other words ensuring that their career trajectory is leading them towards their intended goals and their family or personal lives are not negatively affected due to the high demands of their works.
  • Sophisticated and Value-Adding Sounding Boards: Some top executives express a unique type of loneliness at work which doesn’t allow them to demonstrate vulnerability, doubt and need for occasional decision sanity checks. We have experience in filling that gap by listening and providing value-adding feedback to our clients’ plans, strategies and ideas before they are announced across organizations.

3. Terminal Degree Professionals: By this category, we typically refer to master’s or doctoral-level professionals in their late 20s and 30s. It may include physicians, attorneys, technologists, scientists and professors to name a few. Coaching can be focused on creating a robust career strategy and feasible plan to achieve it. In addition, feedback would be provided on clients’ “soft skills” if an area for improvement is detected. Also, for this group of individuals, effective networking is an essential skill that will be assessed and optimized to perfection.

4. Hyper-Creative Artists: Most individuals in this category are highly talented visual artists, musicians, authors and performers. The focus of coaching will be on personal branding, business acumen and how to become more organized and effective. In addition, coaching can be helpful to address creative blocks, teamwork dynamics, business-related negotiations and fine-tuning client’s unique voice.

5. Unhappy High-Achievers: This is referring to relationship or intimacy issues in individuals who are otherwise extremely successful and doing really well. Most common areas that would require coaching in this group are:

  • Compatibility issues with their partners
  • Communication skills and relationship power dynamics
  • Intimacy issues
  • Financial arrangements in the context of relationship or family.

If you feel you belong to one of the above categories and Thinkocrats may help you, please contact us and discuss your needs, goals and actions so far. If you are motivated to change your situation and achieve your dreams, we will be committed to help make that happen.