We have developed three training programs for individuals and organizations to help them improve their leadership skills, build stronger connections with their key interactions and elevate their thinking power.

Holistic Leadership Development is a signature program with a holistic view on leadership: it starts from self-awareness; then reinforces positive traits in all four dimensions of leadership character: intellectual, moral, operational and social; as well as helps the leaders stop or avoid negative traits in the same four dimensions. You can read more about this program on this page.

Mastering Connection Styles is a hands-on and highly applicable program for almost anyone. This program is based on two pillars that 1) people have more than one dominant channel of connection and 2) we can learn how to connect with someone who has a different connection style than us. To read more about this program, please go to this page.

Thinkocrats Thinking Foundation program is the core training program that Thinkocrats offer to the public and organizations as a way to systematically enhance and build up their higher thinking competencies. The program consists of 10 thinking projects that build upon each other and become more complex as the learner progresses through the program. Please see this page to learn more.