Thinkocrats’ Thinking Foundations (TTF)

We has developed a comprehensive program to train individuals (children and adults), teams and organizations on the basic types of thinking. The intensive version of this program is offered over the course of three days and is more suitable for teams and organizations. The public version of this program can be completed over the course of 10 weeks (2 hours per week), which allows the participants to complete their tasks prior to each session and to take on individual and group thinking projects to master these skills.

Thinkocrats Thinking FoundationsSimilar to other programs, participants will start with a full evaluation of their self-awareness profile through PSAS. Then each session will focus on a certain aspect of thinking.

Sessions 2 through 6 focus on different aspects of Thought Development: how to organize our thoughts, how to brainstorm and generate new thoughts, how to prioritize our thoughts, how to develop strategies and how to instill systems thinking in assessing the situations and understanding complexity in a different light.

The next three sessions focus on decision making practices: rational decision making, emotional decision making and consultative decision making. Most professionals might know about rational decision making and different methodologies behind that, but in reality many of our decisions are influenced by our emotional states and the people we talk to. That’s why specific segments are dedicated to these important aspects of decision making.

Finally, the last session is focused on problem solving and innovative thinking as an important and highly valued skillset to develop.

To discuss your team and organization’s need for this program, please use the form on our contact page. If you would like to book a place in one of our upcoming public TTF programs, please check out our calendar of events.