Vision & Mission

Mission: Re-Thinking Leadership

Our mission is to lead the world to a better state by becoming better thinkers and leaders.

A “better state of the world” is a relative term. It implies our commitment to continuous improvement and growth. It’s also about a betterment in different dimensions such as freedoms, justice, health, peace and development (at individual, community and national levels).

Becoming “better thinkers” requires our commitment, individually and collectively, to improve upon our self-awareness, critical thinking skills, systems thinking and creativity. To become “better leaders”, we need to foster our abilities to distill our visions and to inspire and motivate others to work collectively and effectively toward those goals.

Vision: Holistic Development

At individual level, our vision is that every person should have the opportunity to self-actualize and realize all their talents and potentials . Needless to say, this vision can only happen if one feels healthy, safe, secure (including financially secure), free, happy, loved, confident, self-aware and ready to grow.

At the society level, our vision is that every society should have the opportunity to become as utopian as possible. The prerequisites for this vision are public health, public safety, social security, high quality public education, order & justice, healthy economy, hope and strong leadership.

Our global vision is to minimize disparities in health, wealth, quality of life, education, access to resources and freedoms. And to maximize sustainable growth, collaborations, cultural-scientific exchanges, prosperity and peace.

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